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About us

more than 450 models and accessories

more than 15 years of manufacturing and sales experience

satisfied customers in more than 10 countries

A trailer, a beginning – all A’s in the ABC – begin with ALFA…

​ALFA – a concept, more than a trailer, a reliable companion in work and leisure.

Countless accessories make the purchased trailer even more practical and comfortable to use.

Trailer Europe was built as one of the most modern trailer factories in Hungary, in Kecskemét, the country’s trailer capital.
When we dreamed up the trailer factory, we had only one goal in mind: to create a unique trailer factory that competes with the big ones in terms of volume and type, while representing the highest available technological and trailer manufacturing standards in terms of quality.

The ALFA trailer manufactured by Trailer Europe KFT is embodied in more than 450 models and accessories. Our company has more than fifteen years of production and sales experience.

Advanced European quality, thousands of satisfied customers in more than 10 countries…

Starting from your place of residence, inquire about the availability of the nearest reseller from a Trailer Europe Kft. employee.

After selecting the appropriate trailer model, it can be purchased from stock. If it is not in stock, we will manufacture it for you with the desired total weight within 2-3 days.

The dealers of Trailer Europe Kft. will take over the fatigue of the first installation for a reasonable fee!

Thus, buying a trailer does not cause you any problems and saves time.

Trailer Europe Kecskemét gyár épülete

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Trailer Europe KFT,Magyarország-Hungary
Trailereurope gyár képe, Kecskemét


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Alsócsalános tanya, hrsz. 21987/7


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