ALFA 12516MP.75 SC front-wheel (MP), winch-operated, retractable motorcycle transport trailer suitable for transporting one bicycle.

Downgrading is possible when ordering in 50kg increments up to 300kg.

Type ALFA 12516MP.75SC MT1
Total weight (kg) 750
Own weight (kg) 290
Load capacity (kg) 460
Total weight (kg) 300-350-400-450-500-550-600-650-700-750
Wheel 13″
Internal dimensions (mm) 2560×1600
Total size (mm):
Axle torsion



ALFA 12516MP.75 SC winch-driven, submersible motorcycle transport trailer.
Attractive, robust, multifunctional motorcycle transport trailer with mechanical sinkable solution.

It can be used to transport motorcycles (1, 2 or 3 pieces), Quad, Jet Ski, small tractor, lawnmowers and even to load and unload pallets using a “frog” without any problems.

The submersible structure works mechanically by interposing a winch.
Easy to use, long service-free life content.

Available accessories

  • side rail
  • side falsetto
  • tarpaulin frame
  • tarp
  • ladder frame
  • lattice superstructure


  • LED1 lamp
  • MT wheel clamp stand for 15-21″ wheel
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Drop-in trailer - ALFA 12516SC

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