ALFA Marine – 14716HG.75A Jet Ski and Boat Carrier

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Product data

We recommend for the transport of Jet Skis, smaller boats or inflatable boats up to (4.30m) length.

Brakeless Jet Ski and boat carrier with analog lighting (rollers).

Type ALFA Marine 14716HG.75A ALFA Marine 14716HG.75LED
Total weight (kg) 750 750
Net weight (kg) 155 155
Load capacity (kg) 595 595
Length(H), mm with bracketed lamp holder 4650(>5050) 4650(>5050)
Width(Sz.), mm 1580 1580
Max. length of transportable boat(A), m/ft >4,3/14 >4,3/14
Placing a boat adjustable roll system
Lighting analog  LED
Equipment Support wheel,winch holder,450kg windlass,                                            2 piece plastic studs,4 x 4 piece side roller bunks,                                  400mm retractable lamp holder                                                              
Axle type: torsion


Its equipment is the same as shown in the photo.
G – roller version
When requesting a quote / ordering, please specify the desired total weight of the trailer and the required light – analog (A) standard equipment or LED!


Trailer features and equipment:
  • welded, hot-dip galvanized frame
  • switch head with authorized structure
  • KNOTT chassis with torsion spring with conical waterproof bearing
  • support wheel
  • adjustable winch holder
  • winch
  • plastic-covered cushion tree or side roller
  • 400mm extendable lamp holder (depending on type)
  • 4 mounting hooks
  • 12 V electrical system
  • 7-pin adapter
  • 13” wheel


  • LED1 lamp
  • Reinforced axle (1000kg)
  • Leaf spring axle
  • Alu rim wheel

Optionally available sintered frame in the color of your choice!

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