ALFA Modulo utánfutók
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Product data

A lightweight, multi-purpose, single axle, box trailer with a wheelchair.
Made of 10 mm thick white composite sandwich material sides and roof.
The body is made up of modules, so you can assemble the trailer you want when you order, or you can order it later and replace the element.

Available in customized versions:

  • 2 rear doors + 3 closed side panels
  • 2 pcs rear doors + three closed side doors
  • 2 rear doors with three side doors with three left hand openings
  • 2 pcs rear door + right and left opening
Type Artikle No External dimensions, mm Internal size, mm Total weight Own weight Wheel
kg kg
ALFA Modulo single-axle trailer with brakes
ALFA-B Modulo 22213MPK.75.1 22213MPK.75.1 3100x1680x1500 2180x1320x1380 750 299 155/70R13
ALFA-B Modulo 22213MPK.75.1 22213MPK.75.2 305
ALFA-B Modulo 22213MPK.75.1 22213MPK.75.3 310
ALFA-B Modulo 22213MPK.130.1 22213MPK.130.1 1300 309 165R13C
ALFA-B Modulo 22213MPK.130.2 22213MPK.130.2 315
ALFA-B Modulo 22213MPK.130.3 22213MPK.130.3 320
ALFA-B Modulo 22516MPK.75.1 22516MPK.75.1 3720x1950x1500 2520x1565x1405 750 340 155/70R13
ALFA-B Modulo 22516MPK.75.1 22516MPK.75.2 346
ALFA-B Modulo 22516MPK.75.1 22516MPK.75.3 349
ALFA-B Modulo 22516MPK.130.1 22516MPK.130.1 1300 390 165R13C
ALFA-B Modulo 22516MPK.130.2 22516MPK.130.2 396
ALFA-B Modulo 22516MPK.130.2 22516MPK.130.3 399
M – flat bed trailer P-platform K – koffer 1-2  rear doors,fixed side walls  2 – 2 rears door,                                      1 fixed side wall,                            1 side door   3 – 2 rear doors,                                            2 side doors
22 – 2180mm 13 – 1320mm wide  Side door opening size, mm (HxSz): 1025×1550
25 – 2520mm 16 – 1565mm wide Rear 2 door joint door opening size size, mm (HxSz)): 1255×1135


Trailing properties:

  • Built on a welded, hot-dip galvanised platform base
  • 10 mm thick white composite sandwich superstructure
  • approved construction of the coupling head
  • KNOTT torsion spring suspension
  • anti-slip impregnated plywood floor
  • anodised profiles all around the superstructure
  • stainless steel hardware, door frame and locks
  • 2 rear doors (standard version, but available in 3 additional versions)
  • support wheel
  • 12 V electrical system
  • Jokon lamp
  • 13-pole adapter
  • 13″ wheel


  • LED1 lamp

  • Speed bar

  • ALFA 12516 models available with leaf spring at extra charge

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