Braked, front-wheel (MN), open, two-axle braked trailer with fixed sidewall.
Below a total weight of 900kg, the desired total weight can change in 50kg increments, above 900kg in 100kg increments.
It can be ordered in a total weight of 900 – 2700 kg.

Type ALFA-T 43015MN
Total weight (kg) 1300-2700
Own weight (kg) function of total weight
Load capacity (kg) 900-1000-1100-1200-1300-1400-1500-1600-1700-1800-1900-2000-2100-2200-2300-2400-2500-2600-2700
Wheel 13″
Internal dimensions (mm) 2940x1440x355
Total size (mm): 4280x1850x870
Axle torsion


  • side walls made of galvanized sheet
  • openable rear door with safety lock
  • galvanized V-shaped chassis
  • approved design switch head
  • floor made of non-slip laminated wood
  • overrun brake with automatic reversing
  • KNOTT chassis with torsion spring
  • Jokon lamp
  • 4 mounting hooks
  • hooking buttons for attaching a tarpaulin
  • 12 V electrical system
  • 13-pin adapter
  • 13” wheel


  • LED1 lamp
  • MT wheel clamp stand for 15-21″ wheel
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